Họ Tên: Chloe Davies
Quốc gia: Northern Ireland
Tuổi: 20
Chiều cao: 167.0 cm
Cân nặng: 48.0 kg
Body: 30 24 31
Học vấn/Nghề nghiệp: Currently starting Year 2 of my Foundation Degree in Civil Engineering at NWRC in my hometown of Derry City.
Sở thích: Photography, Traveling, Blogging and Cooking
Sở thích: My ambition is to win Miss Grand International 2017 and to do everything I can in my power to promote the stop the war and violence campaign and truly make a difference. It would also be my ambition to inspire young girls as not only an embassador of my c
Giới thiệu
From a young age I have dreamed of walking on an international stage. Firstly I'd like to thank the Miss Grand International organisation for giving me this opertunity. I feel as though I am an embassoder for young girls in my country as I am a strong part of my community. I have previously raised money for local charity's by doing collections, bag packs, mountain climbs and even doing a no makeup week. I've had the honour in walking in a fashion show in aid of local children with terminal illnesses and also had the honour in walking in fashion shows alongside local children with disabilities. The most remarkable feeling is the feeling of helping others and this is why I'm so excited to take part in Miss Grand International as I believe if we work together we will stop the war and violence and to be part of that would be a dream come true.