Họ Tên: Maria Amalia Matamoros
Quốc gia: Costa Rica
Tuổi: 27
Chiều cao: 176.0 cm
Cân nặng: 54.0 kg
Body: 36 23 36
Học vấn/Nghề nghiệp: Degree in Business Administration
Sở thích: I love to travel and meet different people and cultures, to read books that leave me teachings of life, to appreciate the wonders of nature, to share time with my family and Friends.
Sở thích: my greatest desire would be to contribute in some way to Humanitarian Work, bringing messages of peace and love to all those people who really need a word of encouragement
Giới thiệu
I´m a woman who loves the big families, I have four brothers and my sister is the youngest, we have always been very close and I love to share time with them. My parents and my family are my greatest support, example of life to keep trying make come true our dreams and pillar fundamental in my life. I love to appreciate how wonderful and beautiful nature is, I consideres that in small things you always find something extraordinary and that is the essential and important thing in life, take it small things and turn it into great moments, memories and experiences. My favorite film is: 'Pursuit of Happyness', I identify with it because many people look the happiness in money, material things and there is not where it is, happiness is inside of us, the desire to go forward and all those dreams that we want to fulfill, are the engine of our lifes that impel us to keep figthing fo what we want most in life. I consider myself as a persevering person, kind woman, who fights for her ideals, who gives herself to respect for the values that were instilled in me, since I was a child because my parents teached me, moral and ethical values and thanks to them, I´m the woman I´m today. A woman who get up of the ground to keep trying make come true her dreams, with dignity and her head high for having achieved in life things for her own merit, a woman with values and who always smile no matter the situation that are going through life, a SMILE can transform lives and can turn tears into happiness. I´m passionate about people with a good heart, who likes to help without receiving anything in return, I love how simple and beautiful life can be, when you learn to value and appreciate what yo already have and what you have around you, life becomes prettier. My Motto is: 'A day without a laugh is a lost day' Charlie Chaplin A beautiful smile doesn´t cost anything and is a beautiful gift that not all the people have, a smile can change lifes and the world looks better if you Smile!