Họ Tên: Martha Meza
Quốc gia: Nicaragua
Tuổi: 25
Chiều cao: 169.0 cm
Cân nặng: 50.0 kg
Body: 34 23.5 35.5
Học vấn/Nghề nghiệp: Industrial Engineer
Sở thích: Reading, go to the movies, traveling
Sở thích: i would like to do all the things to make me a better person. i will fight to accomplish my goals, and to make happy all the people I love
Giới thiệu
i'm a very friendly and focused person, i like to help and respect to the other people. My parents since i was a Little girl, they have taught me that life can change at any moment, today can be good, but you have not idea of what might happen tomorrow. They taught me that i have to work hard and do my best to achieve my goals