Họ Tên: Nadia Suliman
Quốc gia: Wales
Tuổi: 24
Chiều cao: 167.0 cm
Cân nặng: 48.0 kg
Body: 31 23 32
Học vấn/Nghề nghiệp: I graduated from university of west England with a degree in Law, and I currently work as a paralegal.
Sở thích: My hobbies include leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit every day. I enjoy yoga and Pilates. I love to make new recipees for health foods and smoothies that I drink everyday to have all the nutrients needed in my diet.
Sở thích: My ambition in life is to make an impact and be remembered for being a good person. I consider my mother my role model in life, purerly because she is the kindest soul I have ever met.
Giới thiệu
I am 24 years old and I am a Scorpio. I would say I process some of the true attributes of a Scorpio, I am very strong willed and determined to everything I put my mind too. I am very passionate about things I care about and do not give up easily. I have a pet dog named Honey, who I absolutely adore. Because of her I now volunteer regularly at a rescue dog centre on weekends which I love! I have a passion for keeping fit and healthy, and love to make new recipes to make in my spare time. As I have mentioned I model commercially for clothing brands. As I am so small I have found it challenging over the years, but because I never gave up and worked hard I gained so much experience since I started 6 years ago. I graduated with my law degree as I have always loved to keep up with our current situation in the world today and I always love to give my opinion on what's currently going on. I am mixed race, with my dad being of Jordanian - Kurdish decent, and which is where I get my dark features from. I have gained so many memories over the years but I would love to be able to travel the world and experience different cultures. I have represented Wales in an international pageant previously, and I cannot wait to do so again in Miss Grand International 2017.