Họ Tên: Pam Premika Pamela
Quốc gia: Thailand
Tuổi: 24
Chiều cao: 175.0 cm
Cân nặng: 52.0 kg
Body: 34 23 36
Học vấn/Nghề nghiệp: Assumption university faculty of management
Sở thích: Cooking baking painting swimming
Sở thích: My greatest ambition in life is to become both financially and spiritually successful. I wish to become something great, not just to fufill my own desires but rather to use what I have learned and become to help motivation and inspire the new generations
Giới thiệu
Im diligent, strong willed, and most importantly passionate. I love to inspire hope and instil the love to help others in people. I enjoy all types of sports and live a very energetic and fruitful life. I enjoy the sun, and espcially the beach. I also have a great passion for animals and their well being, I encourage people to treat all other living creatures of this earth equally and with love. I believe that beauty without a purpose is a wasted beauty.